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    Film Montage : The English Day - Diaporama

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    Tuesday, March the 1st we celebrated Great Britain


    1) the pupils had to wear a school uniformAfficher l'image d'origine

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    2) They had a special menu in the canteen

    Starter: COLESLAW

    Afficher l'image d'origine click on the picture to watch a recipe

    The term, “cole slaw”, comes from the Dutch term “koolsla”, a shortening of “koolsalade”, which means “cabbage salad”. It was commonly called cold slaw in England until the 1860s when “cole” (meaning cabbage) was revived. “Cole” originates from the Latin, colis, meaning “cabbage”, and is the origin of the Dutch word as well. In addition to calling it “coleslaw”.

    The progression of the name:

    colis -> koolsalade -> koosla -> cold slaw -> cole slaw -> coleslaw


    Main course: FISH 'N CHIPS

    Dessert: CRUMBLE and CUSTARD

    Custard is a culinary preparation made by blending eggs with milk or cream.

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    3) We had planned British music in the corridors and in the playground but it didn't work! Next time...


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