1) Halloween is very old. It is 2000 years old

    2) It is a Celtic FESTIVAL : Samhain

    3) On the night before Samhain, people believed (croyaient) the dead returned as GHOSTS

    4) They would leave  FOOD and WINE (que laissaient-ils aux fantômes?)

    5) The Christian Church turned Samhain into ALL SAINTS Day (l'église chrétienne a ensuite transformé Samhain en la Toussaint) or ALL HALLOWS in the 8th century

    6) The night before became (est devenue) All HALLOWS   EVE. It was shortened (raccourci) to Halloween

    7) Young people would dress up in COSTUMES and accept FOOD, WINE, MONEY

    in exchange for SINGING,reciting POETRY or TELLING jokes

    8) In the 19th century, in America , IRISH immigrants brought (ont apporté) this tradition

    9) Today US consumers spend 2.5 billion dollars on COSTUMES annually

    10) Halloween is the SECOND commercial holiday after Christmas