• Ellen DeGeneres Show

    Watch this video til the end and answer the following questions...

    Regardez la vidéo jusqu'au bout et répondez aux questions (il y a 2 niveaux: niveau 1=facile et niveau 2=plus difficile)

    Ellen DeGeneres: présentatrice d'un show aux Etats-Unis

    Niveau 1

    1) Ellen DeGeneres invites a mother and her daughter: yes/no?

    2) The daughter is very good at playing football/ singing/ dancing?

    3) What is the mother's job? -------------

    4) How old is the girl?-----------

    5) What is a butterfly?-------------------

    6) What is the girl's name?------------------------


    Niveau 2

    1)When did Ellen see the video for the first time? last weekend/last week/last summer?

    2)How many views does this video have? 1 million/ 2 millions/ more?

    3) When is the girl's birthday? July 9th / August 8th / August 9th ?

    4) When will the mother and her daughter meet Beyonce?------------------------(month/day)

    5) Where?--------------

    6) Ellen offers the girl a butterfly outfit for a special occasion...which one?--------------

    7) What does the girl's name mean in French?-------------------

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