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    Cette partie est réservée à des compréhensions orales supplémentaires pour pratiquer davantage.

    Plus vous écouterez de l'anglais, meilleur vous serez! Il n'y a pas de secret!


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     Regardez la vidéo et répondez aux questions:

    1) What did Beyoncé do?

    2) Why?

    3) What does she say about her? Give adjectives

    4) How does she help Beyoncé?

    5) Give two adjectives given by Michelle Obama


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     Regardez cette vidéo et tentez de répondre aux questions ci-dessous.

    Lors d'une 2e écoute vous pouvez rajouter les sous-titres en anglais.

    1)Where does the scene take place?

    2)Can you see any famous monument?

    3)Who are the people?

    4)What are they going to do?

    5)How do they all feel? Give adjectives

    6)How do they feel just before the arrival of the President?

    7)How is the President? What do the presidential couple do to say hello?

    8)Then what are they talking about? (several possible answers)

    9)How do they feel in the end?



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    Il s'agit d'un extrait de la série américaine "Friends".

    Extrait vidéo "Ross and Rachel arguing about the baby"


    Voici la situation: Ross (the man) and Rachel (the woman sitting next to him) will have a baby.

    They are in a bar with their friend Phoebe.

    First they are talking about the qualities of the baby.

    Then, they are arguing about the baby's name.



    1)How many qualities do they mention?

    2)Which qualities?

    3)What is Phoebe's question? "Are you-----------------------------------?"

    4)Phoebe has ideas too: for a girl:-------------------------- and for a boy ----------------

    5)Rachel 's first idea if it's a girl: -------------------------. This name is ---------------------

    6)What is Ross's reaction?

    7)Ross 's first idea for a boy's name:-----------------

    Then Phoebe has an idea: She gives them 5 vetoes (=the power to refuse something)

    8) What are all the other names mentionned then?

    9) In the end Phoebe thinks that -------------- sounds a good name!


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