• Trump's election-Surprising figures

    L'élection de Donald Trump à la présidence des Etats-Unis a surpris beaucoup de monde. Voici quelques chiffres assez étonnants...


    The famous businessman won the election but Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. She actually got more votes than Donald Trump.

    59,787,606 people voted for her whereas 59,581,585 voted for Trump so the difference is 206,021 votes!

    So if the election had been direct, Mrs Clinton would have won the election.

    The American electoral system doesn't seem to be very democratic in fact. It appears to be unfair that is why so many people protest against Trump's victory.

    The number of electors by state is not proportional to the number of inhabitants. That is why some states with low population are so important to win.


    As far as women are concerned and despite Trump's sexist quotes, 42% of them chose Mr Trump!

    Voters mainly focused on economic matters, employment, immigration and terrorism.

    29% of latinos voted for the tycoon despite his promise to send 11 million of illegal migrants back to Mexico.

    88% of Black voters chose Hillary Clinton.

    There is also a difference between cities and the countryside:

    In Manhattan, only 10% voted for the Republican candidate and 87,2% for the Democrat. 59% of people living in cities chose Mrs Clinton, whereas most of the people living in the countryside chose Mr Trump (62%)

    The participation rate is the lowest rate since 2000: only 54,2% of people voted.


    Trump's election-Surprising figures

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